How much does it cost to have a landscape design

How much does it cost to have a landscape design? Our Guide

Landscape design is a very important thing for a home’s outlook.  A clean and perfectly decorated yard using different kinds of flowers and well-trimmed bushes can make your home more beautiful and eye-catchy to your guests and neighbors. Sometimes people do a great landscape for the home before selling it because a good landscape can boost up your property value.

Local landscapers will regularly give you a free gauge of what it will cost to accomplish the deal with your yard. In any case, in case you have no idea about what sort of landscaping will best suit your home then you can get an expert landscape plan meeting. This is what it is probably going to cost you for the designer and how much does it cost to have a landscape design –

Charges Hourly:

some landscape designer charges hourly to consult and make a rough layout of your yard and this kind of consultation costs around fifty to seventy dollars per hour.

Flat Fee:

Some organizations may charge a flat expense of a few hundred dollars that will go toward the all-out expense of the project and in the event that you recruit them to accomplish your landscape design.

Give Initials for Office Consultation:

There are some firms for the landscape designer who will give you a free consultation if you visit their office and provide your landscape information.

Charge a Percentage of your Project Cost: 

Some high-end landscape designers or architects charge a percentage from your project cost. Basically, these kinds of designers are hired for real estate companies.

E-Diagram or Blueprint:

A few landscape designers charge extra to render the structure into an ‘authentic’ landscape plan, other than their conference consultation fees. These can cost you around 200$ to 400$.

The landscape design expense has so many factors. Most of them are genuinely self-evident, for example-

  • It can depend on the size of your land.
  • Things you need to include in your landscape like water feature, patio, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, arbor, landscape lighting, etc.
  • Fees normally accused by the landscape architect or landscape designer.

On the other hand, which are not all that conspicuous components that decide the expense of your landscape design may likewise include:

  • your existing features and the existing space
  • your site topography
  • your area or location
  • the measurements for your property or you may have your site plan
  • the detail of degree which is necessary for the plan
  • the knowledge of the landscape architect  or landscape designer

As a rule, the additional time and aptitude that go into the design and planning of a landscape, the more the landscape will cost higher. Seeing how much time spent on the design of the landscape can be hard for some property holders to understand.

It can be probably the greatest challenge for a landscape architect. Evaluating the time that will take to plan the landscape which is something that we would wager even a very experienced landscape architect has also battled with the time frame every now and then.

The Advantages You Will Get From Professional Landscape Design-

In spite of the fact that hypothetically you can plan your garden as a DIY venture and there are so many points of interest to working with an expert landscape architect:

  • A good architect can help you with various innovative ideas and new products or items of decoration.
  • He or she considers so many components, including your soil conditions, slope, drainage, and level of support wanted, just as your family’s choice.
  • A landscape architect can utilize trees and other normal boundaries to less up noise, increment of security, and even omit the HVAC bills.
  • An expert uses the trees and the flowers which are best for your area and they can work nicely with the sunlight also.
  • Landscape professionals know about the best materials which are privately sourced, if possible and they will use that for making yards, decks, holding dividers, and other things.
  • If your planner doesn’t give the materials by themselves then most of the time they can guide you to the best spot where you can buy high-quality products at a low cost.


When you have the plans, you can decide to do the arranging all alone if you have the idea of the best supplies and proper knowledge on this section. On the other hand, you may like to hire a landscape architect to provide your yard with an exclusive look. When you look for an architect then search for someone is more experienced because they will take your project seriously. Also search for these things-

  • Hire a designer who has an arrangement of his past work or can show some information.
  • Carries protection or insurance for the projects they deal with.
  • Can assure you with references in the event that they have been doing business for various years.

When you look for these qualities in your designer then you can obviously get exclusive work from them and they will charge higher than a regular landscape designer.

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