Landscape design tips

5 Landscape design tips you need to know

Are you thinking of designing your very first garden? But you are confused about which landscape design will suit your house. A lawn or garden is the heart of your house as you want to feel relax with the fresh air in your leisure hour. Besides, after moving into a new city, you must want to settle your landscape designing. Shifting your kinds of stuff from a city to another can be a stressful and tough task. Hiring a moving company like American Mover can easily move your belongings, and you can pass your stress into their shoulders. If you are moving to Oregon state American Mover can be the right choice as it is one of the renowned professional moving services in Bend Oregon.

But the first question is in your mind, where should you start first? Good for you. We have some suggestions about landscape designing which can get rid of you of the designing stress. Follow the 5 landscape design tips, and you are good to go for a light start to think.

You should learn about the traditional Eastern and Western design

Landscape design differs from east to west zone of the world. The western usually love the rectangle, straight lines, or symmetry shape, where the eastern tradition consists of rock and gravel with irregular shapes and curves. The eastern usually doesn’t like handmade shape; rather, they prefer to keep the garden looking natural. On the contrary, western love to have their lawn in a well-furnished shape. If you realize the difference, you can easily mix up those ideas from both.

Determine the needs of your Landscape

The second task you have to do is to list your needs and wants in the yard. Do the kids love to play in space? Do you have any hobby in growing plants and vegetables in the yard, or do the family love to spend most in the garden? You should consider these thoughts for a perfect landscape design for you.

Determine the size and boundaries of your garden

It is quite difficult to apply the ideas you have if you have a tiny space in front of your house. You should visualize the fence or boundary and make a plan to fully utilize every inch of space of your land. A clear perimeter can help you determine the model and design you want.

Choose the right foundation planting that suits your house

Planting is the vital element you should bear in mind while designing your landscape. You must plan to use various types of plants to make your lawn aesthetic as well as meet your needs. You can consider special species of plants for the fence or for the hut you want to sit in. The special plants with thorn on the fence can also protect you from thieves and outside dangers, where the specific plants for the hut can soothe your mental health.

Set a dimension for your walkway

The wider the path, the more spacious you will feel while walking through your garden. A 48 inches wider path can easily fit two people walking side by side. Basically, the structure of your garden relies more on the path than the overall size of it. So If you technically design the path, you can surely make your landscape more spacious, yet you have a tiny room for it.

So, If you have read all the 5 landscape designing tips you can confidently remodel your garden and take the proper advantages of your lawn space.

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